Management Skills: The Science of Leadership



Course Description

This course has the ambition to build a bridge between a century of science and 21st-century managers. A bridge between how our brain works and how to use that knowledge to improve our communication and leadership abilities. To understand how and why Leadership works, we first need to understand what triggers us. We’ll be diving deep into our subconscious motivational processes. We’ll have a look at our brain, call it our ‘hardware’ and the subconscious programs running in it, that’s basically our software. So expect tools, concrete, and simple tools that you will be able to use right away with your team and colleagues. In the end, the aim of this course is to open the way for a new understanding of motivation and communication, towards a new, highly effective and sustainable model for leadership in this 21st century. But most of all, by the end of this course, my aim is that you, as a manager, as a leader, will have understood what a crucial role you play in your team and in its success. And that you will be able to leverage that knowledge and guide your team to a new level of collaboration and engagement.

Proporcionaré un marco basado en los últimos conocimientos en psicología cognitiva y campos relacionados. Dentro de este marco, presentaré sus estudios, investigaciones y experimentos sobre el comportamiento humano y le mostraré cómo se aplican al liderazgo y la gestión de equipos. 

Para quién es este curso:
  • Gerentes a cargo de un equipo
  • Gerentes que buscan herramientas y conocimientos para administrar su equipo
  • Profesionales que quieran mejorar su don de gentes
  • Profesionales que quieren aprender más sobre el comportamiento humano.